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About Us

Casey Harshman
Owner/Brand Director at Frooishen

Casey Harshman is Owner and Director of Frooishen, a branding agency that positions natural product companies to launch, scale and grow. Our process is grounded in sound strategy, compelling storytelling, brand-forward design and communication. This holistic approach develops authentic connections with the tribe and ensures brands are competing on-shelf and online for attention and sales. The Frooishen team has produced award-winning branding and package design for clients like: Nutpods, Genius, Tia Lupita, Baskin Robbins, The Good Bean and Peanut Butter & Co.


We believe brands are


Each brand has its own story, quirks and unique personality.

We have the expertise and talent to engage with your tribe with authenticity that inspires and leaves consumers wanting more.

We believe tension is a good thing. We will challenge you when needed, make sure we’re un-turning every stone. We’re not afraid to tell someone they are wrong (with a smile, of course). We’re also okay being told we’re wrong on occasion.

Our philosophy binds us to always do what’s right for your brand.

We measure our success - When you grow and thrive

We maximize the value of the dollars you spend on your brand.